CCTNS – Crime & Criminal tracking Network and Systems

Jothik accomplished its efficiency with the proven ability to implement work strategies with System Integrator guidelines of NTL in CCTNS Govt. of India Police department project in various modules,

  • Data Digitization
  • Infra Development
  • Handholding Support

Data Digitization

Jothik is recognized as an expert to keep up to date with result. Jothik was one of the initiative key partners for NTL. Jothik has completed digitization of around six lacs police station records successfully in developed software application CIPRUS.

The project started in Tiruvallur pilot district and was accumulated all over tamilnadu in minimum period of seven months time. Jothik has deployed huge number of Data Entry Operators in various districts mentioned below,

  • Tiruvallur
  • Sivaganga
  • Vellore
  • Kanchipuram
  • Tiruvannamalai
  • Madurai
  • Dindugal
  • Theni
  • Virudhunagar
  • Ramanathapuram
  • Tuticorin
  • Tirunelveli
  • Kanyakumari

Infra Development

Jothik has contributed its full efficiency in CCTNS project with System Integrator NTL. Jothik has achieved around 300 site preparation for police station at various districts successfully.


Jothik is able to build highly motivated management teams focused on achieving revenue goals. Jothik participated with handholding training for police personnel of each station by providing effective knowledge transfer of developed software application. Jothik has supplied qualified manpower on various districts with the guidelines given by NTL.