With Jothik’s strong expertise in banking and technology, corporate customers are embracing new opportunities to transform their offerings and capabilities…and move from commoditized products to added-value solutions.

Move to the cloud

Successful financial services leaders in cloud adoption are using the cloud as a transformative platform to achieve new revenue streams, innovation, and business growth at significantly higher levels.
Unlike traditional, decentralized financial services systems, cloud systems ensure consistency of processes and controls in all situations. This adds an extra layer of robustness against extraordinary events like capacity strain that can arise in remote working, cyber-attacks, and volume spikes.

Jothik is a premier partner to leading cloud providers.
Disruptions in the business landscape and the impact of technology are compelling banks to shift to innovative business models, while delivering superior experience with agility.

Jothik’s ecosystem of proven collaborative partnerships and platforms – with insights powered by data – help customers improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole banking value proposition. Jothik has created robust capabilities through investments in emerging technology products and by leveraging crowdsourcing platforms such as TopCoder, service design innovation through Designit, partnerships with emerging fintech players, and innovation labs across the globe. Our team of consultants enables banks to shape the future in payments, digital channels, credit services, digital core, and commercial and corporate banking. By leveraging HOLMES™, our AI platform, banks drive higher efficiency in functions such as application, infrastructure management and testing.

Successful transformation journeys require orchestration, integration, and simplification across a complex cloud partner ecosystem capabilities.

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